Practice regulations

  1. You practice barefoot, in a comfortable outfit that does not restrict movements. Socks can be used at relaxation time.
  2. Bring a yoga mat to class. Other props are available on site. If you forget or don’t have your mat, we have a few to hire for free.
  3. Don’t eat for at least 2 hours before practice.
  4. For your safety let the instructor know your state of health (pregnancy, diseases, ailments, surgeries, injuries). We will modify the practice to account for your individual limitations.
  5. Participants with serious ailments are asked to bring a medical certificate permitting yoga practice. We reserve the right to refuse admission to practice when an ailing person cannot present such a certificate.
  6. Do not practice under the influence of alcohol, psychoactive substances or strong medicines. Don’t sunbathe, use sauna or solarium for a few hours before practice.
  7. Show up ca 15 minutes before class so that you can get ready for practice without hurry.
  8. When you enter the venue leave the gate half open so that others can come in.
  9. Try to be punctual. The gym opens 15 minutes before practice. The venue is locked during the workout.
  10. When you enter the venue please change your shoes or put on shoe covers.
  11. Turn off or mute your mobile phone before entering the gym.
  12. Don’t talk during practice as it distracts others.
  13. Keep the gym tidy. After practice return the props (blankets, straps, blocks and chairs) to where they belong.
  14. Take your valuables with you to the gym. We shall not be held liable for any belongings left in the changing rooms or in the hallways.
  15. Please follow practice instructions closely. We shall not be held responsible for any injuries resulting from exercising inconsistent with instructor’s directions.
  16. If you get unwell during practice, notify the instructor immediately.
  17. Always practice yoga with respect for your body and for your limitations. Don’t compare yourself with others and don’t try to compete with them. Give yourself time. You practice for your own long-term benefits.
  18. The practice is open to adults. Participants over 15 years of age can be admitted only with parental consent.
  19. By purchasing a multiple pass or a single entry ticket you accept the above Regulations.
  20. The pass is a proof of purchase. It is valid for one calendar month, e.g. from the 2nd to the 2nd day of next month. Passes cannot be prolonged. There is no refund for unattended classes. The price of the pass does not include insurance.