What is yoga

Yoga is practical knowledge, a system of mental and physical practices originating from India. The system is diverse and multilayered and has undergone many changes, including those aimed at meeting the needs of Europeans. Through insight into one’s body Yoga helps sustain physical and mental health. Wisely used it can have therapeutic effects as well. This is best exemplified by my own tale! The Sanskrit word “yoga” means “yoke” or “union”. It reflects a deep connection, contact with oneself, with our mental interior as well as the outside world. The contact is achieved through understanding and confirmation of our inner and outer life.
The fundamental principle of yoga is called ahimsa which means “not to injure”. It applies to ourselves as well as to others.

What yoga is not

Yoga is not religion. It has nothing to do with our beliefs except one that says: Do not harm!
So have respect for yourself and others, for the world, and for your own shortcomings and limitations. Only then will you achieve – through a mindful and secure practice – the harmony and tranquility known as wellness. In consequence your spine will get better, muscles will become stronger, and so will your confidence and determination.