Yoga classes

Who can practice:
Adults of any age and physical condition. Teenagers with parents permission.

Group practice:

USTANÓW, the gym of the Kopernik Private School, ul. Główna 10.
See access map.
Monday and Thursday, 19:15-20:45
Saturday, 9:00-10:30

WARSAW – URSYNÓW, Culture Centre, ul. Kajakowa 12 B, dancing room
See access map
Tuesday and Thursday 8.30-10.00
Wednesday 19.30-21.00
Friday 18.30-20.00

Individual practice (also in English) in Mysiadło near Piaseczno or at your home.

Useful information

  1. The practice lasts 90 minutes and ends with relaxation.
  2. You practice barefoot, in a comfortable outfit that does not restrict movements. Socks are useful at relaxation time and so is a sweatshirt.
  3. Bring a yoga mat to class. Other props are available on site. If you forget or don’t have your mat, we have a few to hire for free.
  4. Don’t eat for at least 2 hours before practice.
  5. For your safety let the instructor know your state of health (pregnancy, diseases, ailments, surgeries, injuries). We will modify the practice to account for your individual limitations.
  6. Come some time before the class. The gym opens 15 minutes before practice. The venue is locked during the workout (in Ustanów)
  7. If you get unwell during practice, notify the instructor immediately.
  8. Always practice yoga with respect for your body and for your limitations. Don’t compare yourself with others and don’t try to compete with them. Give yourself time. You practice for your own long-term benefit.

I wish you joy and fun in getting to know yourself through yoga practice!

All participants are asked to read the Practice regulations.


joga ustanów
Our practice in Ustanów. Standing uthita marcyasana.
yoga classes Ursynow
Our practice in Ursynow. We learn how to keep hands in gomukhasana pose